Point Rewards

Create a Loyalty Program as Unique as Your Brand

Our powerful technology gives you the power to strategize and reward the actions that are most important to your business.


Points Rewards

Reward your customers with custom points like:


  • Points per dollar
  • Product purchase
  • Visits
  • Tier
  • Social sharing
  • Events

Punchcard-style Rewards

Reward customers for the number of visits and visit frequency. Kangaroo even lets you reward frequency for specific product purchases.

À la Carte Rewards

Showcase new products and sell products quickly without discounting. À la Carte rewards can be used to increase point rewards for specific items, brands, or categories.

Spend Thresholds

Boost AOV by offering more points or unlock rewards when a spend threshold is met. This type of reward gate is available to all customers or can be optimized by tier groups.

Promotional Engagement

Maximize campaign ROI with enhanced point earnings and offers to increase sales lift and engagement.

Point Multipliers

Point multipliers allow your business to multiply points earnings per item, brand, category, and more. Point multiplier events are a great promotional tool to celebrate holidays and events at your business to drive more traffic and supercharge sales.

Event Triggers

Maximize customer relationships with event-triggered reward automations. Whether it’s a birthday reward, a new member bonus, a referral, or a program milestone, make sure it’s celebrated.

Tier Rewards

Some customers are more valuable than others.

Let customers unlock special privileges and rewards based on their value to your business.


Exclusive Rewards

Reward customers for their brand loyalty with tier rewards to unlock special perks and earning rules. The higher the tier level, the better the perks and a more exclusive brand experience.


Custom Rewards per Tier

Add excitement and increase brand loyalty with elite privileges reserved for your best customers. Kangaroo has the only tier rewards program that can gate tiers with points, spend value, and behavioral triggers like event attendance or participation. 


Tier Reward Types:

  • Points per spend
  • Point multipliers by tier level
  • Discounts
  • Special offers
  • Special services
  • Event invitations

The Benefits of a Tier Program

A tier reward program is a powerful motivator for customer spending and engagement that plays up to the feel-good factor of attaining special status and recognizing achievement.


Tier reward program benefits include:


  • Exclusive brand experience
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Personalized rewards
  • Increase customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Highly targeted offers and marketing

Tier Programs for B2B and D2C

Kangaroo's tier rewards program enables your brand to create an unlimited amount of tiers with specific gating capabilities that can be reserved for different customer segments with custom rewards that make sense for the buyer type.


  • Custom tags
  • Custom point-earning
  • Targeted offers
  • Exclusive reward catalogs
  • Robust tier reporting


Snowball your Customer Growth

Reward brand ambassadors, new customers, and influencers with dynamic referral schemes.

Encourage Brand Advocates

Identify your most valuable brand ambassadors and reward them with points, gifts, exclusive offers, and contest opportunities.

Omnichannel Referrals

Get customer referrals on any of your sales channels from your brick-and-mortar store, eCommerce store, or mobile app. Customers can refer friends to your business in a snap!

Dynamic Rewards

Customize if, when, and how brand ambassadors and referrals will be rewarded.

Dashboard Management

Manage your referral program from one single dashboard and optimize your program with real-time reporting.


Promotional Rewards

Make the Sale. Keep the Customer.

Great Promotions with Powerful Rewards that Work.


Target the Right Audience

Personalize your campaigns based on each customer’s profile, like their birthdate, purchase history, referrals made, offers shared, and more!

Engage Your Customers Wherever They Are

Engage customers in the right context and at the right time across web, mobile, email, and social media.

Outstanding Analytics and Real-time Insights

Validate promotions, track performance, and optimize your campaigns straight from the dashboard.

Partner Rewards

Boost Engagement Fast with Partner Rewards

Enhance your loyalty program and attract more customers by partnering with other businesses and suppliers to cross-promote products and/or services.


Drive more Traffic

Acquire more customers faster, by tapping into your partner's customer base. Partner rewards add value to the customer experience and give customers more reasons to spend at your business.

Sell More

Kangaroo empowers your business to gate access to rewards with purchase minimums or other triggers to incentivize customer activation.

Boost Customer Engagement

Keep customers engaged with exciting marketing promotions that highlight your partner rewards program. Keep your customers guessing what new rewards will be made available. Kangaroo makes it easy to run partner reward contests to surprise and delight your loyal customer base.

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