Get the Most Powerful Loyalty Programfor Your Business

Loyalty Essentials

Perfect for small businesses just getting started. 

59USD / Month

Essentials Package

  • Point Rewards
  • Point Redemption
  • Referral Module
  • Digital Coupons/Offers
  • Social Sharing Rewards
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Email Customer Support

Engagement Package

Perfect for small businesses who are looking to reward specific triggers differently.

99USD / Month

Essential Package +

  • Contest/Raffle Module
  • Spin to Win
  • A la Carte Rewards
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Event Rewards
  • eGift Cards
  • Email / Live Chat Support

Ultimate Plus

Enterprise-level solution. Full white-label service with a custom app.

299USD / Month

Ultimate Package +

  • Geo-Targeting
  • 1000 SMS/month
  • 10 000 Emails/month
  • Custom Branded Android App
  • Custom Branded iOS App
  • API Access
  • White-Glove Customer Support

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Kangaroo offers a 30-day free trial for our loyalty tablet and integration solutions. To start a free trial, you must connect with a loyalty expert who will activate an account for you. A credit card is required to ensure that in the event you decide to continue using Kangaroo beyond the 30-day trial period, there will be no interruptions to your subscription.

Are there any hidden fees?

The Kangaroo price grid represents our out-of-the-box pricing for a single location or license per month. To obtain a proper quote, our loyalty expert will assess your goals and system requirements to build an estimate.


Variables that impact pricing include but are not limited to:


The number of store locations and/or eCommerce sites


The number of eCommerce transactions per month


System integrations


API access


Custom work requests


Email and/or SMS text credits

How long does it take to integrate?

Integrating with any of Kangaroo's POS and marketing service partners takes only a few seconds. 

What if I'm using a POS system that's not listed?

If your POS system is not powered by any of our integration partners you have two options.


1. For SMBs: Use Kangaroo's non-integrated loyalty tablet for your brick & mortar location, pop-up store, event, or trade show. Simply download the app, configure your program and start signing up members to your program. For more information, click here.


2. Connect Kangaroo to your POS or eCommerce solution with Kangaroo's API. Kangaroo's API is easy for developers to customize and implement for your retail solution. 

Can Kangaroo's loyalty program power multiple locations?

Yes. Kangaroo's loyalty program is perfect for corporate enterprises with multi-locations and sales channels. With Kangaroo, you can choose whether to run one blanket customer loyalty program where points can be earned or redeemed equally across locations or have separate earning and redemption rules by location. Kangaroo's built-in marketing engine allows you to target by segment and geo-location, and send out customer or region-specific rewards and/or offers.

Will Kangaroo work if I have a physical store location and an eCommerce site?

Kangaroo will provide a seamless customer loyalty experience across any of our integration partner platforms. Even if your POS system provider and eCommerce solution are different, Kangaroo communicates seamlessly across all integrated partner platforms and sales channels.

Is Kangaroo GDPR compliant?

Businesses are responsible for including GDPR (and/or CASL) compliance in their marketing strategy. The best way to ensure GDPR compliance is to consult with your legal counsel.


Kangaroo can help align with GDPR best practices through functionality you can apply to your campaigns. For example, customers can update their subscription settings in their member profiles.

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