Sell eCredits directly from your branded app or in-store.

Bring in new buyers when you let your customers purchase eCredits in app, online or in-store and send them to friends and family via email or SMS text.


Enhance your cash flow with store eCredits

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    Promote and sell eCredits at a discounted rate.
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    Give additional points for eCredit purchase.
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    Reward specific behaviors or sales triggers with eCredits.
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    Sell themed eCredits as an eGift card with custom graphics.
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    Automate promotions to coincide with holidays and special events.

Sell eCredits and Track them in Kangaroo

Ecredits are integrated into the Kangaroo app and dashboard. They’re simple to sell, reward, schedule, track and reload.

Export a Full report

eCredits show up in your reporting. Export eCredit sales report from your Kangaroo dashboard for an in-depth look at all eCredits issued and their outstanding balances.

Wrap it up!

Redeem eCredits just as easily as you would any other form of payment. eCredit balances can be stores in the same way as gift cards and eGift cards in the cloud. It’s just one more way Kangaroo creates the ultimate customer experience.

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