Retain More Customers

Create a rewarding experience for your customers and they will reward your business by spending more, visiting more and connecting more often with your brand.

95 % increase in profits could come from only a 5 % increase in customer retention.

(Bain & Company)

Loyalty Works Better with Point Rewards

Create a loyalty program as unique as your brand.


Points Per Dollar Spent

Reward your customers with a number of points for each dollar they spend.


Purchase Frequency

Customers accrue more points if they purchase within a set timeframe.
For example: double the points if they return within 7 days from the last purchase.


Specific Items

Move inventory or incentivize incremental spending by increasing the point to dollar ratio on specific items.


Spend Gate

Boost average order values (AOV) by gating rewards based on spend thresholds.


Promotional Engagement

Drive traffic to your store by offering more rewards during promotional periods, dayparts, and holidays.


Tier Rewards

Because one size doesn’t fit all

When it comes to recognizing customer excellence, one size doesn't fit all. Tier rewards empower your brand to deeply influence customer behavior and increase loyalty by providing special perks and exclusive experiences based on customer engagement and spending history.

Accelerate Sales and Drive Revenue with Tier Specific Marketing Automations!


Partner Rewards

Grow Loyalty with Partner Rewards

Enhance your loyalty program and engage more customers by offering partner rewards. Customers will be able to access and redeem points for rewards with your business partners and/or suppliers.