Organize and track every customer interaction with Kangaroo’s CRM functionality.

Kangaroo allows you to collect and store the customer information most important to you. You can easily send targeted messaging to customers who have a certain number of points to encourage them to make further purchases.


Improve sales velocity and engage your prospects with personalized rewards.


Unique Rewards For Every Customer

Design your promotions in new ways, giving your users benefits for being in places at certain times.


Engage Your Loyal Customers

Keep your customers happy with automated rewards triggered on pre-defined milestones like birthdays.


Cross-Channel Delivery

Engage customers in the right context and at the right time across the web, mobile, email, social media, and any future channels.



Collect and save reviews in a multitude of ways then use them to promote your store without breaking a sweat.



Amplify your customer acquisition efforts with customer reviews that provide social proof.

Understand Your Customers

Keep your competitive edge and influence brand loyalty by gaining insight into customer preferences at every touchpoint!

Brand Loyalty

Build brand loyalty with high-impact customer reviews that drive sales, while gaining actionable insights into your customers’ experience.


Gain direct feedback about your customer experience and nurture the ones that need it most

Ask The Right Questions

Gather feedback through quick, automated messages. No links, no lengthy surveys.

Hear Back in Real-Time

Feedback is generated instantly so you can make improve the customer experience quickly.

Turn Customers Loyal

Create loyal customers by rewarding positive feedback and nurturing customers who need it most. 



Remove the line between online and offline

A loyalty program that only focuses on rewards for transactions made in brick and mortar stores isn’t just missing half the picture. It’s missing the whole picture.


All-In-One Loyalty Experience

With one unified program, you can drive loyalty online and in-store with less work.

Convert customers on any device

Allow shoppers to make transactions, collect points, and redeem promotions no matter what platform they are using.

Expand Your Customer Base

Reach a new audience and create experiences for your customers based on who they are and how they interact with your business.


Connect, communicate and inspire your customers by creating a unique brand experience with your own app.

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Sell better, sell faster

We keep everything simple. Take full control of your loyalty program with personalised promotions, offers, and rewards right through your own branded app.

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Direct marketing

Keep your customers engaged and provide them with personalized relevant content and offers sent directly through the app.


Supercharge your growth

Increase your customer visits, by driving customer loyalty through the app. More customer visits lead to increased revenue.

Start your loyalty program now