Kangaroo helps businesses grow

Bring customers back with a customizable loyalty rewards program designed for your business.

Increase your customer retention rate

Repeat customers are the key to healthy business growth.

Measure your customer retention rates. Change your rewards program at any time to suit your customer's needs & wants.


Give your Customers a Reason to Spend More

Reward customers based on dollars spent or for simply visiting.

Gain further opportunities to upsell and reward them for their loyalty.

The more rewards they redeem, the more you make.

Get smarter as you go

Kangaroo makes it easy to connect with your customers and grow your business. Our loyalty rewards program ensures your most valuable customers get rewarded and their feedback helps you improve.



Ditch the physical cards and go digital. Your customers will love you for it


Bring more customers in the door

Slow week? Increase traffic by easily sending out special deals or daily offers to your existing customers.

Acquire new customers effortlessly

Want to encourage word-of-mouth referrals? With Kangaroo, you can reward your existing customers for telling friends about your business.

Send notifications directly to your customers

Kangaroo makes it easy to send high-impact push notifications & texts straight to your customers’ mobile phones.

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